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Aergo (AERGO)

20 Jul 2018

ICO date: July 2018

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A 4th Generation Blockchain with Enterprise Grade Capabilities

Aergo is seeking to create an enterprise-grade 4th generation blockchain allowing users to deploy their dApps on blockchain easily. The project is positioning themselves as the bridge between private and public blockchains for enterprises, utilising an existing platform model, Coinstack. Overall, Aergo promises a revolutionary concept and an open source project.

Aergo will serve as a bridge between public and private blockchains, creating a hybrid product using state-of-the-art technology. The product boasts a diverse architecture that is supported by high performance, secure and easy to use public blockchain with an efficient virtual machine engine. Aergo complete framework will consist of 3 core elements.

Aergo Chain – The public blockchain protocol that is deployed using a DPOS model that is compatible with a variety of smart contract infrastructures, including Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to achieve interoperability. It also features AergoSQL that uses a traditional programming language, SQL technology, for mass adoption.

Aergo Hub – The interface that connects dApps to the Aergo Chain. These dApps are housed in the hub (like a cloud service), which consists of both public and private repositories that hosts the software program codes for a project.

Aergo Marketplace – A one-stop shop for software, computing and  any other related services connecting vendors to end-users

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