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Perlin Network (PERL)

16 Jul 2018

ICO date: July 2018 - August 2018  Website 

A DAG-based blockchain powering the global economy 

Perlin is a scalable directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) based protocol that introduces a different technical perspective on the utilisation of distributed ledgers. They seek to create a marketplace where users and suppliers could buy and sell decentralised computational resources within a trustless environment. 

Perlin develops its distributed ledger using Avalanche protocol adopting the concept of metastability to provide high throughput and scalability. Combining the aforementioned with their native decentralise compute layer inherently forms the foundation of this technology. Perlin will not only be able to harness unused computing resources but can also re-distribute them in a trustless, economical and equitable manner. Several features of Perlin includes:

Metastability – a state where consensus is reached using results derived from the way information is propagated through quorums rather than singular nodes (gossip-based consensus), eventually reducing overall costs

Built on top of Avalanche (a leaderless Byzantine fault tolerant with a high level of confidence thresholds) using several bootstrapped mechanisms.

  1. The smart contract instrument using variables such as time, resource or signature locks that runs on WebAssembly
  2. The way transactions are distributed across ledgers using conflict-free replicated data types (CRDT’s) to ensure consistency across Perlin’s nodes
  3. A unique signature identifier generated from Proof-of-Work puzzle that prevents Sybil and Eclipse attacks

Proof of Compute Availability – the mechanism used to determine the true amount of computing power a supplier possess

Decentralised computing layer – The native layer that collates idle computing resources from various devices using virtual machine instances. The methodology embedded here seeks to achieve better security, privacy and performance. 

Privacy-preserving – The encrypted mechanism that provides researchers and developers with the option for data sovereignty when they utilise computational resources on Perlin’s network

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