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Loki Network (LOK)

20 Apr 2018

ICO date: April 2018

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Private application on Monero

Loki Network (Loki) is an open source project developed from the Monero source code to create a completely decentralized private network built upon a foundation of service nodes. SNApps can be created on top of these nodes to provide privacy and security. The first SNApp, a private messaging service called Loki Messenger will be created by the Loki team.

Loki seeks to establish itself as a secure and private network, at the same time resolving several underlying issues of Monero.

Mixin Distribution – Altering the methodology of sample mixins spent by users to increase Loki’s resilience against attacks

Ring Size Signatures – Adopting the methodology of churning, Loki will enforce a fixed minimum ring size of 10 to prevent attack on ring signatures

Block Reward – A hybrid proof of work/proof of service system will be utilized through a block reward equilibrium algorithm. On average the split to miners, service nodes and governance pool will be 50%, 45% and 5% respectively.

Staking – Staked tokens will be dynamically adjusted based on block height and will decrease overtime as compared to a fixed amount (Figure 1).

Bulletproof Declaration – Loki uses a modified version of Monero’s range proofs called bulletproofs to verify service nodes, which revealing the actual amount of LOK that a service node operator holds.

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