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TrustToken (TRU)

23 Mar 2018

ICO date: April 2018   Whitepaper Available      Company Website

A protocol for tokenizing real-world assets.


TrustToken is a company based in the United States that provides the technology and maintains the TrustToken platform and its underlying stable coins.

The TrustToken Platform is broken into following components:

SmartTrust – legal contract that designates the asset ownership and custody to  a smart contract on a blockchain

TrustMarket – marketplace where “clients can hire fiduciaries who interface with legal-financial institutions and are legally bound to manage assets as instructed by the smart contracts.”

TrustProtocol – “protocol specifications that specify how smart contracts can direct fiduciaries”

TrustVault –  decentralized storage system that is auditable

TrustToken – “platform’s incentive layer to reward trustworthy behavior, create an audit trail, and collateralize property”

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