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SelfKey (KEY)

09 Jan 2018

ICO date: January 2018
Whitepaper Available       Company Website

Digital identity ownership and management on the blockchain

SelfKey has been in the ideation phase of the venture dating back to 2013 when the team began to create various solutions for identity verification and management. Since this time, SelfKey has released multiple consumer and B2B offerings in a  bid to create an integrated identity system which can also act as a marketplace. 

The team at SelfKey term the protocol developed as ‘Self-Sovereign Identity‘ (SSID).

Under the code KEY, SelfKey will be issuing ~6,000,000,000 tokens in total.

Crowd - Exactly 33% of tokens are offered through the crowd sale between three stages: Private, Presale and Public. Various bonus amounts are offered at these stages.

KEY Team - A total of 16.5% of tokens are allocated to the founding team. The whitepaper and documentation indicate that these tokens are vested for 1 year.

Reserve/long term expenses - A further 16.5% of tokens are said to be held as ‘reserve for long-term expenses.’ Discussions with management indicate that this amount works as a ‘buffer’ for longer term global market penetration.

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