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Simple Token (ST)

04 Dec 2017

ICO date: November 2017 
Whitepaper Available       Company Website

Enabling everyday businesses to seamlessly integrate into the blockchain

Simple Token aims to bring the power and marketability of the token economy to mainstream business and everyday use-cases through an end-to-end B2B service offering.

We break down the goals of Simple Token as follows:

1) Establishment of a platform named as ‘OpenST’ which enables the creation of utility tokens on a utility blockchain and staked by crypto-assets.

2) Operability and bridging of two separate chains (value and utility) to reduce transaction fees and optimise for speed.

3) Create a seamless ‘CMS-style’ platform for the creation and branding of such tokens by businesses globally. This involves an end-to-end system of designing the token, establishment of a wallet, enablement of transactions and creation of ledger functionality.

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