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05 Oct 2017

ICO date: 10 October
Whitepaper Available       Company Website

A decentralized P2P protocol for 'swapping' ERC20 tokens

Airswap is a Consensys backed project which seeks to create a protocol in which ERC20 tokens can be traded P2P without the inefficiencies and cost associated with blockchain order books.

The project is based on developing the following segments:

1) Peer Protocol: a quick and efficient way ‘makers’ and ‘takers’ can interact in the negotiation of providing quotes and orders

2) Indexer Protocol: an off-chain service that aggregates and matches peers based on their intent to trade 

3) Oracle Protocol: an off-chain service which provides pricing information to those seeking to transact

4) Smart Contract: An ethereum smart contract that fills and cancels the orders

Essentially, Airswap seeks to create an agile, efficient and low cost exchange for the Ethereum ecosystem.

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