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Paragon (PGN)

07 Sep 2017

ICO date: 05 September - 15 September
Whitepaper Available       Company Website

An immutable ledger for the marijuana industry  

Paragon is a predominantly US based startup seeking to bring transparency, verification, and stability to the marijuana market via an ERC20 blockchain system.

The aspirations of Paragon can be summarised as the following:

1) creation of an immutable ledger for all industry related data

2) to create a marketplace using ParagonCoin (PGN) for the payment of industry related services

3) establishment of niche co-working spaces

4) create standardization of supply, management, and verification within the marijuana industry

Paragon has invested a substantial amount of time into public relations and market awareness, promoting a strong stance of complete legalization of marijuana and the positive effects it can have to consumers and industry alike.


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