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The Beginners Guide to Investing in ICOs

01 Aug 2017

This guide has been prepared by Picolo Research, a leading blockchain ICO research team with the goal of providing transparency and ratings to the initial coin offering market.

Our philosophy is backed by 12+ years of investment experience across IPO’s, equities markets, venture capital and blockchain.

Picolo’s humble beginnings started with the emerging companies segment of micro-cap stocks (also known as pink sheets). Pink sheets are early stage companies seeking to list on the equities market and are generally in the infancy of their commercial cycle. 

Our experience in these various markets has allowed us to experience a range of analysis and due diligence processes. Applying these same processes to upcoming blockchain ICOs provides a solid foundation of initial analysis and leads to a high conviction ability of pass/fail of the prospective investment.

Our intention with this guide is to empower the wider community of crypto enthusiasts and speculative investors with the ability to conduct their own analysis of Initial Coin Offerings in a simple and efficient manner.

Who is this for?

The Beginners Guide to Investing in ICO’s is for any person (technical or not) who seeks to gain exposure to the Initial Coin Offering market. The content of the publication is catered to those seeking a speculative investment into an upcoming ICO and is wanting to gain an understanding of the commercial viability of both the underlying company and the product/service which it is taking to market.

This guide will show you the exact methodology we use to determine whether we (or our clients) invest in a potential ICO.

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