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True Flip (TFL)

05 Jul 2017

ICO date: 28 June 2017 - 25 July 2017
Whitepaper Available    Company Website

A decentralized platform eyeing the $3.8 billion online lottery market

True Flip is a blockchain backed lottery platform focused on developing games and protocols that are entirely transparent.

With a focus on ‘fair gaming,’ True Flip’s goal is to better the gaming eco-system by rewarding token holders and publishing every financial transaction on the open blockchain.

The company lists three pillars of their growth:

1) Launching several games (possibly 4) which utilize the developed systems to prove commercialization and stability.

2) Decentralize the entire eco-system so that no one factor is reliant on another. This will be achieved using virtual hosting and multiple data centres.

3) Develop a product that can be used by private entities seeking to launch their own blockchain backed gaming.

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